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Divisions > Early Childhood Development > Licensing
Region 10 - Southern Maryland Office

(Calvert, Charles, and St. Mary's Counties)

41670 Courthouse Drive
P.O. Box 1709
Leonardtown, MD 20650

Map This Location

Main office phone:  (301) 475-3770
                Toll-free:   1-800-874-6797
Office e-mail:         occ10stm.msde@maryland.gov
                NOTE: If you have a complaint about a provider, please call it in to the main
                office phone number above – please do not e-mail your complaint.

Office fax:                 (301) 475-4017

IMPORTANT NOTICE!  The FBI has moved to an all-electronic criminal background check (CBC) application process and no longer accepts hard-copy fingerprint cards.  Because the Maryland Criminal Justice Information System (CJIS) follows FBI guidelines, the use of hard-copy CBC applications at the State level is also being phased out.  Instead, all CBC applicants are being encouraged to submit their applications electronically.  However, hard-copy applications will still be accepted by CJIS if electronic submission is not possible.  Click here for a list of State-approved private electronic fingerprinting services and State-operated electronic fingerprinting locations.  Electronic applications may also be submitted through many State and local police agencies. Child care programs that have their own State-certified electronic fingerprinting equipment and operators may continue to submit CBC applications. 

Visit the Office of Child Care's online child care licensing inspection results site –
www.CheckCCMD.org!  The site offers detailed compliance findings from child care licensing inspections conducted since January 2011.  The site may also be used to find licensed child care programs and providers, and to link to a wide variety of information about early care and education in Maryland.

The Family Child Care Provider Grant Program
The Family Child Care Provider Grant Program (FCCPGP) exists to help registered family child care providers offset some of the costs of opening their child care programs.  For information about the FCCPGP, click here.

PROVIDER TRAINING (Pre-Service and Continuing):
Please visit www.mdchildcare.org to find MSDE-approved training courses, trainers, and training organizations.

Maryland's Child Passenger Safety Law was changed effective October 1, 2012.  Under this change, every child under 8 years old must ride in an appropriate child restraint unless the child is 4 feet, 9 inches or taller.  Every child from 8 to 16 years old who is not secured in a child restraint must be secured in a vehicle seat belt.  If you would like to learn more about this law, or would like information on selecting or using child restraints, please call Maryland Kids in Safety Seats (Maryland KISS) at 410-767-6016 or log on to

REGION 10 - Upcoming Events and Regional Information

Steps to Becoming a Family Child Care Provider:
- How to Open a Licensed Child Care Center
- Roundtables
- Helpful Numbers
- OCC Region 10 Staff
- Training for Child Care Providers - PDF Version

Steps to Becoming a Registered Family Child Care Provider

1st Step - Attend Family Child Care Orientation. Family Child Care Orientations are held monthly at local libraries. Please call the Region 10 Office at 301-475-3770 or 1-800-874-6797 for Family Day Care Orientation dates, times and locations. There is no charge and you do not have to register to attend. Please be prompt, stay through the entire three-hour session, and do not bring children to the orientation. You will receive an explanation of the application process.

Orientation Session Library Locations:
•  Prince Frederick Library
     850 Costley Way
     Prince Frederick, MD 20678
•  Leonardtown Library
     23250 Hollywood Road
     Leonardtown, MD 20650
 •  Waldorf West Branch Library
     10405 O'Donnell Place
     Waldorf, MD 20603

2nd Step - Submit Family Child Care Application to the Region 10 Office of Child Care. Once your application is received, it will be assigned to a Licensing Specialist who will work with you one-on-one throughout the rest of the application process.

3rd Step - Receive acknowledgement letter from your assigned Licensing Specialist along with the Criminal Background Check forms.

4th Step - Complete application process (i.e. fire inspection, water test, medical reports, substitute forms, criminal background checks, etc.).

5th Step - Schedule a date and time for a home visit with your Licensing Specialist to determine if your home is in compliance with family day care regulations.

6th Step - Submit, if necessary, a letter of correction to your Licensing Specialist.

7th Step - Receive Certificate of Registration after your completed application has been evaluated and approved.

How to Open a Licensed Child Care Center

Please click here for detailed information on the license application process.

Call the OCC Region 10 Licensing Office for consultation. Required orientations are held monthly at the Regional Office. You can register by calling the Office.


Roundtables are training opportunities offered by the Region 10 Office of Child Care at no cost to attendees. They are offered periodically.
(There are no current Roundtables scheduled at this time.)

Helpful Numbers

The Promise Resource Center:
Office Line - 866-290-0040
Local Line - 301-290-0040
FAX Line - 301-290-0050

Southern Maryland Office of the State Fire Marshal:
443-550-6820 (local)
866-629-9882 (toll-free)

Environmental Health Department:
Calvert - 410-535-3922
Charles - 301-609-6900
St. Mary's - 301-475-4330
Additional Water Testing Sources for Region 10

Permit, Planning and Zoning:
Calvert - 410-535-2348 (Planning and Zoning)
410-535-2155 (Permits)
Charles - 301-645-0692
St. Mary's - 301-475-4200 ext.1500
Region 10 Zoning Permit Information for Family Child Care

Department of Social Services:
Calvert - 443-550-6900
Charles - 301-392-6400
St. Mary's - 240-895-7000

Child and Adult Care Food Program
Southern Maryland
Toll-free 1 800-477-3993 ext.5040

Family Child Care Associations:
Calvert - 410-535-3749, Bonnie Drayer, President
Charles - 301-392-3481, Wendy Dingus, President
St. Mary's - 301-475-7923, Pamela Anderson, Acting President

Maryland Department of Public Safety & Correctional Services
Criminal Justice Information System (CJIS):
1-888-795-0011 or 410-764-4501

Child Care Center Association Groups:

National Association for the Education of Young Children


Maryland Family Network (MFN)
Child Care referral information can be obtained by calling:
LOCATE toll-free at 1-877-261-0060 or go to:

Notice to All Family Child Care Providers and Child Care Centers:

The OCC has received notice from the Office of the State Fire Marshal that all "anniversary cycle" fire inspections will be unannounced, effective immediately. Initial inspections before licensure will have to be scheduled but all others will be unannounced. Please understand that the Fire Marshal will not be calling to schedule any "anniversary cycle" fire inspections.

Also, please be sure that all payments to the Fire Marshal's Office are made in a timely manner so as not to delay any future inspections. Formal requests for inspections are made by the OCC to the Fire Marshal's Office well in advance of anniversary dates. It is important to notify the Office of Child Care if you are planning to close so that a request will not be made to the Fire Marshal's Office for an unnecessary inspection.

Please contact the Office of Child Care if you have any questions.

OCC Region 10 Staff

Copsey, Susan
Regional Manager
Clements, Caty
Pratt, Jo
Spahn, Mitzie
Licensing Supervisor
Hodkiewicz, Janet
Licensing Spec. - Lead 301-475-3770
Robertson, Joy
Licensing Spec. - Lead 301-475-3770
Alpert, Julie
Licensing Specialist 301-475-3770
Beacham, Theresa
Licensing Specialist
Diaduk, Tina Licensing Specialist Trainee 301-475-3770
Farr, Amy Licensing Specialist 301-475-3770
McCauley, Kim
Licensing Specialist
Modlin, Stacy
Licensing Specialist 301-475-3770

Serman, Debbie

Licensing Specialist
Shirley, Deborah Licensing Specialist 301-475-3770
Sara (Martin) Ott Quality Assurance Specialist 410-573-9523

Page last updated: 01.07.2016

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41670 Courthouse Drive
P.O. Box 1709
Leonardtown, MD 20650
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