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Strategic Planning

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Strategic Planning

The goal of MSDE's Division of Early Childhood Development is full school readiness by all of Maryland's young children.  Achievement of this goal relies on closely coordinated strategic planning and implementation at all levels.  The following are key documents and activities which shape that effort.

Maryland Early Childhood Advisory Council (ECAC) 
The Council is composed of early childhood educators, policy-makers, and community advocates.  Its mission is to identify the most important factors and most effective strategies for making the greatest possible gains in early care and education.

·       ECAC application for ARRA Funding (final version)

·       ECAC application for ARRA Funding (narrative summary)

·    Governor-Appointed Members of the Maryland ECAC

ECAC Meeting Agendas, Presentations and Reports:

    February 2012
      - Meeting agenda
      - Powerpoint presentation
      - ECAC Action Plan (Final)

    May 2012
      - Meeting agenda
      - Meeting minutes
      - Medical Home Focus Group summary
      - Health Insurance and Medical Homes
      - Goal Group 1/Year 2 progress
      - Goal Group 2 recap
      - Goal 3 data summary
      - ECAC Action Planning template

    July 2012
      - Meeting agenda
      - ECAC Statute
      - EC Transitions Task Force Report
      - Research Advisory Group recommendations
      - SEFEL Presentation
      - Medicaid Funding of HV Programs
      - The ECAC after ARRA Funding

         October 2012
      - Meeting agenda
      - Child Trends Brief 1: Choices
      - Child Trends Brief 2: Subsidy
      - Home Visiting Program list
      - Home Visiting Program contacts
      - EBHV Program capacity data

         December 2012
      - Meeting Agenda
      - ECAC Presentation
      - Project 1 FAQs
      - EC Data Warehouse schematic
      - The ECAC after ARRA Funding

    March 2013
      - Meeting Agenda
      - Meeting Minutes

    May 2013
      - Meeting Agenda
      - Meeting Minutes
      - ECAC Evaluation Update
      - Early Childhood Investment Subcommittee
      - ECMH Advisory Council

    July 2013
      -  Meeting Agenda
      -  Meeting Minutes
      -  Goal Group 1 Update
      -  Goal Group 2 Update
      -  Goal Group 3 Update
      -  Charles Co. LECAC Update
      -  Garrett Co. LECAC Update
      -  Montgomery Co. LECAC Update
      -  EC Family Engagement Framework 

        October 2013
      -  Meeting Agenda
      -  Meeting Minutes

        December 2013
      -  Meeting Agenda
      -  Meeting Minutes

        March 2014
      - Meeting Agenda
      - Meeting Minutes
      - PowerPoint: Maryland's Early Childhood
Comprehensive System (ECCS) Grant Program
      - FAQ: Prekindergarten Expansion Act of 2014

        June 2014 (local councils invited)
      - Meeting Agenda
      - PowerPoint: Entering a New Era in ECE
      - PowerPoint: Library Development and
         Race to the Top
      - Library Partnership article

        December 2014 (local councils invited)
      - Meeting Agenda
      - Meeting Minutes
      - Approved Bylaws of the Maryland State Early
Childhood Advisory Council (ECAC)
      - Judy Center and Baltimore Community
         Foundations Partnership Handout
Local Councils Mid-Term Report – PowerPoint
Washington County Update - PowerPoint
      - Garrett County Update - Handout
            (NOTE: Jane Wildeson presented on several             different topics. See the above Meeting             Agenda. If you have any additional questions,             please contact Jane Wildeson at
            jwildesen@ga.k12.md.us or Wendy Baysmore
            at wendy.baysmore@maryland.gov.)
      - Anne Arundel County Systems Transformations
         Project, Birth to Five: Handout
Anne Arundel County Systems Transformations
         Project, Birth to Five: PowerPoint
St. Mary's County Library Early Childhood
         Services Handout

  March 2015
      - Meeting Agenda
      - Meeting Minutes
      - Federal Pre-K Update

      - Child Care Development Fund (CCDF)
         Plans – Handouts:
           - CCDF Timeline Requirements

      - CCDF Preprint Content Sections (draft)
      - Ready for Kindergarten (R4K) – PowerPoint

      - Maryland's Early Childhood Comprehensive
Systems (ECCS) Grant - PowerPoint


·      ECAC Meeting Schedule for 2015:
    March 12, 2015 (Thursday)
    June 18, 2015 (Thursday) with local council     representatives invited
    September 17, 2015 (Thursday)
    December 17, 2015 (Thursday), with local council     representatives invited

·      "What Success Looks Like," the foundation of Maryland's Early Childhood Advisory Council


·      ECAC 3-Year Action Plan


·      Reprogramming Maryland's Action Plan Year 3 and Budget Narrative


·       ECAC 18-Month Mid-Term Report – submitted March 31, 2012




Maryland’s Local Early Childhood Advisory Councils (LECACs)

The Race to the Top Early Learning Challenge (RTT-ELC) grant will enable Maryland to create a seamless Birth-to-Grade 12 reform agenda to ensure that all young children and their families are supported in the state’s efforts to overcome school readiness gaps and to move early childhood education in Maryland from a good system to a great system.

The Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE) is the fiscal agent for the grant and its Division of Early Childhood Development takes the lead in implementing the funds. The Governor’s State Advisory Council on Early Care and Education advises MSDE on the implementation of the RTT-ELC State Plan. Participating state agencies, including the Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, the Maryland Department of Human Resources, and the Governor’s Office for Children, collaborate with MSDE in support of the State Plan. Ten innovative projects address the scope of Maryland’s Race to the Top Early Learning Challenge State Plan.

Project 1 Local Early Childhood Advisory
Councils Create 24 local early childhood advisory councils (LECACs) with the goal of developing local plans for implementation of Maryland’s RTT-ELC state plan. Leadership coordination to local councils is provided by the Annie E. Casey Foundation over 12 months.

    LECAC Chairs/Co-Chairs Contact List

Orientation Meeting for Establishing Local Early Childhood Advisory Councils (LECACs) in every jurisdiction in Maryland – October 1, 2012:


      ·  Meeting Agenda

      ·  RTT-ELC Project Brief
      ·  Project 1 Summary

      ·  LECAC Orientation PowerPoint

      ·  Click System Survey

      ·  Local ECAC ByLaws

      ·  LECAC Startup Application

      ·  Orientation Meeting Evaluation Form

Frequently Asked Questions

Local Early Childhood Advisory Council (LECAC) Leadership Teams are actively engaged in their seminar leadership trainings conducted by the Annie E. Casey Foundation in collaboration with Division of Early Childhood Development staff. Below are FAQ Technical Assistance documents that were created as a result of questions asked by LECAC teams during these seminars.

FAQ 1 - Dec 2012

FAQ 2 - Dec 2012

FAQ 3 - Jan/Feb 2013
FAQ 4 - May 2013
FAQ 5 - June 2013

LECAC Presentations and Reports

•  Carroll County – Two videos from the Early

    Childhood Consortium of Carroll County:
      - click here for Video #1
      - click here for Video #2

•  St. Mary's LECAC-Article, "Preparing Students
     for Kindergarten in St. Mary's"

•  Baltimore City LECAC-Pilot Program to Build
Early Childhood Education Capacity in Cherry Hill.


LECAC-Race to the Top-Early Learning Challenge (RTT-ELC) Implementation Grant (FY14-15):

Office of Child Care Advisory Council

The OCC Advisory Council helps shape and guide the goals and operations of the DECD Office of Child Care by reviewing proposed regulations related to the care of children, recommending policy priorities, and identifying issues of importance to child care providers and consumers.

·       Advisory Council meeting schedule for 2014

·      Advisory Council meeting minutes:

   Ø Meeting of February 27, 2014


   Ø Meeting of November 14, 2013


   Ø Meeting of August 15, 2013

   Ø Meeting of March 28, 2013

   Ø Meeting of August 16, 2012

   Ø Meeting of May 17, 2012

   Ø Meeting of February 23, 2012

   Ø Meeting of November 17, 2011

Child Care and Development Fund (CCDF)

NEW!  Click here for the full text of the FFY 2014-2015 CCDF State Plan.

·    2012-2013 CCDF State Plan
·    2012-2013 CCDF State Plan Summary

·    2010-2011 CCDF State Plan

·    2007-2009 CCDF State Plan



Division of Early Childhood Development (DECD)

·          The Division of Early Childhood Development (DECD) 3-Year Strategic Plan for 2010-2012

·          Maryland Head Start Collaboration Office Needs Assessment Report and Strategic Plan 2009-2010

·          The DECD 3-Year Strategic Plan for 2006-2009


Contact Information
Rolf Grafwallner, Ph.D., Assistant State Superintendent
Division of Early Childhood Development
Maryland State Department of Education
200 West Baltimore Street
Baltimore, MD 21201
Phone:  (410) 767-0335
Email:  lscott@msde.state.md.us
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