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Step 1.3

Step 1.3.  Identify what teachers need to know and be able to do to implement the programs and practices identified in Step 1.2.


            In this step of the planning process, you will examine data on teachers, including data on their content knowledge and how they teach, to determine the kinds of help that are necessary for them to implement the new strategies.  These data can include teacher self-reports and reports from peer observations, individual and focus group interviews, and school climate surveys.  These data may not be readily available, especially to state or regional planning groups. Nevertheless, having at least some of this information will help you to focus more directly on teacher needs and avoid the common problem of planning a one-size-fits-all activity. 



Briefly describe the kinds of help that teachers need to implement the improvement strategies:


  • What specific teacher knowledge and skills need to be developed to help them close the gaps between what students know and are able to do and what they are expected to know and be able to do?


·        What specific teacher knowledge and skills will be addressed by the activities that you are planning?













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