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Step 3.1

Step 3.1.  Specify the content of the professional development that you are planning. 


            For the professional development you are planning to be effective, the content should be based on solid theory and research or the content should be supported with examples and evidence from successful practice.  When participants understand the basis for the new ideas and practices, they are better able to judge how they will work in their schools and classrooms and they are also better able to understand and diagnose problems when the initial classroom practices and experiments don’t work as intended.  At a minimum, you should anticipate providing some background materials or an annotated bibliography of print and electronic sources participants can consult if they would like additional information.  Ideally, these materials will contain (1) information about the theoretical or research base for the content, (2) the conditions under which the new knowledge and skills are most likely to be effective (e.g., with particular kinds of students, with specific allocations of instructional time), and (3) concrete examples of applications of the knowledge and skills.


Briefly describe the content of the activity and how the content is grounded in solid theory, research, and/or experience from best practice.  As appropriate, include the key findings or themes from research and  note any limitations that you are aware of.


 Click here if there are plans to develop new materials to present the content.


Note to readers:  If the planners indicate that new materials will be developed, the following prompt will appear:  Briefly describe the materials to be developed, who will be responsible for reviewing them, and other plans for quality assurance.













Planning Tip 7:  Focus, focus, focus.


Indicate which of the six professional development content standards and related indicators included in the Maryland Teacher Professional Development Standards will be addressed by the professional development that you are planning.  (Click on all that apply.)

A drop-down menu with the six content standards and indicators will appear.










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