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Step 3.5
Step 3.5  Specify the role of principals and other school leaders in the activities that you are planning.


            Principals and other school leaders play key roles in teacher professional development.  They can facilitate teacher participation and they can ensure that there are adequate resources, including time, for the learning activities and follow up.  They can also assist in follow up by observing in classrooms and providing constructive feedback as teachers practice new strategies. 


            If principals and other school leaders will join teachers in the activity you are planning, it is important to think about their learning experiences as well as the expected outcomes.  For example, principals may join teachers in sessions that explain new instructional strategies and demonstration their application in classrooms.  However, when teachers spend time practicing these applications, principals could be learning what to look for as indicators of successful application and signs of problems that may require additional help.  Principals can also be learning about the kinds of resources and support that teachers will require to fully implement new practices.


Briefly describe how principals and other school leaders will be involved in the activity that you are planning, intended learning outcomes, how your expectations for their role will be communicated to them.














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