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Programs > Environmental Programs > Environmental Education ToolKit
Grade 3 Environmental Education ToolKit

Water Life
Educational gaming, e-book, companion field guide, resources for kids and Educators. Help Oscar the Otter and his friends restore the estuary!

Elementary GLOBE- K-4 Introduce Earth System science through a suite of storybooks and learning activities. Clouds, seasons, soil, water, earth systems.

The Quest for Less (EPA) - Decay and Composting
Compost Chefs 
Compost Crops 
Worms at Work
Website: Vermi the Worm is an animated, interactive game that teaches the basics
of vermicomposting and its benefits, plus other waste management strategieslike the 3Rs--reduce, reuse and recycle

Closing the Loop Includes 23 lessons targeting integrated waste management concepts. (CA Waste Management Board).  Free download.

Garbage I and II: The Roots of Trash (Science NetLinks)

Mathematics and the Environment (NCTM)
Students participate in four activities in which they investigate the data in connection with recyclable materials and develop plans to help the environment. They are designed to make students aware of various materials that people ordinarily use and discard, to increase their knowledge of the numbers of material that people use, and to make plans to use materials more conservatively.

The Quest For Less (EPA) Main Page-  Recycling
Take-Home Recycling Kit 
      Making Glass from Scratch
      Handmade Recycled Paper Planters
      Recycling...Sorting It All Out


  Start A Planet Protector's Club (EPA)
     How to organize Planet Protector Clubs where children in grades K-3  learn the concepts
     of reduce, reuse and recycle.  Additional resources list.
Flyer- Be A Planet Protector!

Ø Recycling Juice Cartons  Learn how award-winning packaging can be practical and
    environmentally friendly

ØLinks to other Resources  Several lessons that explore waste reduction by 
    reducing personal consumption of products.


Green School Maryland Map
Suggested MD Green Schools Activities
         Solid Waste Reduction 

Ø  The Worm Guide  This pdf guide explores vermicomposting—the practice of using worms to transform food waste into a nutrient-rich finished product called vermicompost. In a school setting, vermicomposting can set the stage for a variety of fun, interdisciplinary activities.

Ø  Worms and More Worms This pdf also provides an ivestigation of worm anantomy and behavior, experiments using decaying plants, soil production and more.



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