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Projects are listed alphabetically by title.


Clicking on the project title will take you to a full description of the project, the indicators met, and the procedures followed, as well as a reflection on the project. Each of these projects can be tailored to fit your own purposes and level of service as appropriate for your students and school district.


Clicking on the project author’s name will open an email with their email address.


Clicking on the county’s name will take you to the Service-Learning page for that county.


Recommendation: Because some of these pages will have dozens of project descriptions, it may help you to use the “Find” feature. On some browsers, hitting Ctrl+F will open a toolbar or pop up box that will allow you to search the whole document or web page for one, specific keyword or phrase.


Cutest Pet Contest by Carol Ann Schaper in Carroll County. Created for middle school. Fellows Project.

         Primary Subjects: Family and Consumer Sciences

         Maryland State Curriculum Indicators for: Family and Consumer Sciences

         Level of Service: Indirect

Project Description: Students at Sykesville Middle School participate in a project that has become an annual event, The Cutest Pet Contest. This project raises money for the Humane Society. Students collect 60-70 pictures of pets from students within the school. The pictures are displayed during lunch shifts and students get to vote for their favorite pets by putting money in the plastic container under the picture of their favorite pet. Many parents visit the school during the week to see the animal pictures, but also to vote on their favorite pet. The funds raised by the project are used to help animal related causes.


Helping the Humane Society by MSDE. Created for middle school (Alt-MSA students). 2009 Special Education Service-Learning Unit

          Primary Subjects: Environmental Science, Reading and Language Arts

          Maryland State Curriculum Indicators for: Environmental Science, Reading and Language Arts

          Level of Service: Indirect

          Project Description: A great deal of paper waste is generated by businesses, schools, government, and individuals every day.  Our society has become more proficient at recycling a variety of materials, including paper.  In addition to shredding paper and taking it to a recycling center, shredded paper can be utilized at local Humane Societies in animal cages.


Talbot County Humane Society Fundraiser by Kathleen Manley (Floyd) in Talbot County. Created for middle school. Fellows Project.

          Primary Subjects: Math, Language Arts, Social Studies

          Maryland State Curriculum Indicators for: Math, Language Arts, Social Studies

          Level of Service: Indirect

Project Description: After teaching a service-learning unit to my sixth grade students, we discussed how they could serve their local community. Several of my students wanted to work with the local humane society. A few days after having this discussion I learned of a severe case of animal cruelty in a neighboring county. As a result seventy-five of my students agreed to develop a project that would help to supply support to two local Humane Societies. Our project included a penny drive and a pet supply drive.


Vest-A-Dog by Emily R. Bolton, Chris Bolton in Washington County. Created for middle school. Sherry Unger winner.

Primary Subjects: Reading and Language Arts, Math

          Maryland State Curriculum Indicators for: Reading and Language Arts, Math

Level of Service: Indirect

          Project Description: I started a fundraising drive that I called Vest-A-Dog, in which I solicited donations to buy bulletproof vests for police K-9's for the three police agencies in my community. They are the Washington County Sheriff's Department, the Hagerstown City Police, and the Maryland State Police.



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