DLM – Mathematics and ELA / Alternate Assessments


Mathematics and English/Language Arts

Grade levels

 3-8, 11

About the test

Dynamic Learning Maps® (DLM®) assessments are designed for students with the most significant cognitive disabilities in grades 3-8 and high school for whom general state assessments are not appropriate, even with accommodations.

Students who take DLM assessments are instructed and assessed on Essential Elements. Essential Elements are grade-level-specific expectations about what students with the most significant cognitive disabilities should know and be able to do. Essential Elements are related to college- and career-readiness standards for students in the general population.

Mathematics and ELA each use a fully developed learning map model. The DLM maps are highly connected representations of how students acquire academic skills as reflected in research literature. Nodes in the maps represent discrete knowledge, skills, and understandings in either ELA or mathematics, as well as important foundational skills that provide a foundation for academic skills.

DLM - Mathematics and ELA alternate assessments are delivered online on a variety of devices and have an administrative application to manage student information. Students receive five to 10 testlets in each subject, depending on the grade and subject. Items in the DLM alternate assessment are grouped into testlets. A testlet contains three to nine items, or questions, aligned to one or more Essential Element. The testlets are delivered one testlet at a time in each subject. After the student completes one testlet the assessment is adaptive with the linkage level of the next testlet based on student performance on the first testlet. The linkage level of subsequent testlets is based on the results of the most recent testlet. Each testlet is packaged and delivered separately, and the test administrator determines when to schedule the assessment of each testlet.

Standards being assessed

Accommodations information

All appropriate accommodations for an individual child are identified through the IEP team decision making process. Accommodations to be considered by the IEP team are determined by the DLM partner states and in limited circumstances, a request for a unique accommodation may be made to your local school system.

Assessment results

To see how students performed on MSAA go to MdReportCard.org.
To see how students performed on DLM go to MdReportCard.org.

DLM Sample Items

DLM Sample Items