Maryland Comprehensive Assessment Program (MCAP) Government Assessment

The MCAP Government Assessment in American Government is required for graduation. To help students prepare for the assessment, the following links to resources are provided.

American Government Standards and Framework A detailed list of all the objectives, indicators, and assessment limits which appear on the exam.
Practice Exam for H.S.A. American Government​A full practice test for the MCAP Government Assessment..

In October 2018, this test will be updated.  In the update, it will reflect two new item types: Technology Enhanced Items (TEIs), and Evidence Based Argument Set (EBAS).

A hot link to the practice test is on the left and directions for accessing the practice test can be found here.

4 Point Rubric for Content CRs

5 Point Rubric for EBAS CR
The following rubrics are used to score the constructed response (CRs) on the American Government High School Assessment.

4 Point Rubric for content CRs and the 5 Point Rubric is used to score the CR that appears at the end of the Evidence-based Argument Sets (EBAS). A sample EBAS can be found below.
Sample Evidence-based Argument Set (EBAS) for American Government Assessment
The More Learning, Less Testing Act of 2017 (§7–203) requires that the Maryland High School Assessment in American Government include, “…to the greatest extent possible, of criterion–referenced, performance–based tasks that require students to utilize critical and historical thinking skills and analyze primary sources.”  To comply with the law, beginning with the January 2019 administration, the MCAP Government assessment will include Evidence-based Argument Sets (EBAS).  For the 2019 administrations, the EBAS will be field test status only, and thus will not be used as a part of the items used to determine student scores. Beginning with the January 2020 administration, the EBAS will be used as a part of the items used to determine student scores.
Street Law materials on American Government cases​Street Law has developed instructional materials for the court cases that students must know for the American Government assessment.
Online Course This hybrid course, located on BlackBoard, reviews content and provides practice questions to prepare for the assessment.
Assessment Resources

A list of links to other assessment resources, such as guidelines for writing CRs.
Source Work CrosswalksThe crosswalks illustrate the connection between Maryland’s 6.0 Skills and Processes and commonly used source analysis approaches (SHEG, APPPARTS, SOAPSTONE)

SHEG Crosswalk - Crosswalk between Maryland’s 6.0 Skills and Processes and the Stanford History Education Group (SHEG) Approach

APPARTS Crosswalk - Crosswalk with College Board’s Pre-AP APPARTS Document Analysis Method

SOAPSTONE Crosswalk - Crosswalk with College Board’s Advanced Placement SOAPSTONE Document Analysis Method