Maryland Adopts #GoOpen

​The state of Maryland officially committed to the Federal #GoOpen Movement on February 26, 2016
(Go Open Audio of Press Release Audio) (Go Open Press Release Transcript).


Maryland is excited to collaborate and share free openly licensed digital resources with all national stakeholders.  We feel that this effort will:

  • Identify current and relevant quality resources that support UDL practices
  • Reduce redundancy of efforts
  • Provide engaging and interactive resources
  • Support personalized teaching and learning
  • Provide anytime, anywhere access

As a #GoOpen state, Maryland will:

  • Adopt/Implement a statewide technology strategy that includes the use of openly licensed resources
  • Develop and maintain a statewide repository
  • Publish OER resources to the Learning Registry
  • Participate in a community of practice Create a webpage to share the commitment to and progress for #GoOpen