Cecil Service-Learning

​1. Service-Learning Contact Information

Coordinators: Matt Roberts, Program Coordinator for Physical Education, Health and Athletics
Telephone: 410-996-5455
Fax: 410-996-1062
Website: www.ccps.org

Approved Local School System Service-Learning Implementation Plan:

2. Teacher Fellows

Gina Pucci, Perryville High School (Health), Cecil County, gpucci@ccps.org

Alan Rusnak, 2004, Cherry Hill Middle School, Retired

SGA Christmas Service Day
Each year our student council (SGA) sponsored a "SGA Christmas Service Day." One of the service projects had the student council members adopting 4-5 local families in need for Christmas. We would specifically try to identify and focus on our own teen mothers and their families. Approximately 25 SGA members participated in this activity. The students identify the families in need, contact and meet with the families regarding their needs, conduct a school-wide food drive, make shopping lists, shop for gifts, wrap the gifts, and then actually deliver the gifts to the families.

Carla Webb, 2000, Bohemia Manor Middle School, (Language Arts), Retired

My most memorable experience with my students had to be their total interest, enthusiasm, and dedication to our service-learning project- especially on planting day of our wetlands. They planted 800 plants with smiles on their faces. I never expected so much infectious excitement and interest. It was wonderful.

We were delighted that we could do our part locally to improve/purify the Bay Watershed. We met many outcomes and objectives as we integrated our unit in many subject areas. We reflected throughout- predicted and really reflected by letter-writing at the end. By assigning committees, groups by classes and within classes, everyone had some responsibility.

Currently, I am coordinating a school-wide environmental service-learning project which will involve the 6th, 7th, and 8th grade classes at my school. My goal in service-learning is to spread the word in my county that service-learning projects can be a part of the existing curriculum and should be a pleasure for teachers to teach and fun for students to learn. 

Dale Collins, 1996, Cherry Hill Middle School, 410-996-5020 Retired

This service-learning experience is equally divided between my involvement at Cherry Hill Middle and my local Kiwanis Club. At Cherry Hill I am the advisor to the Kiwanis Club. The purpose of Kiwanis is to serve the community. The students that participate in this program complete various tasks and projects for the school community. 

Rose Greer, 1996, North East Middle School, 410-996-6210 Retired

Wetland/Schoolyard Habitat Restoration Project. This project benefits the community by providing environmental stewardship, community beautification and restoration, and it raises community awareness. 

Laura O'Leary, 1996, North East Middle School, 410-996-6210

Wetland/School Yard Habitat Restoration. This projects benefits the community by providing environmental stewardship, community beautification and restoration and it raises community awareness. 

Hazel Strahorn, 1995, Rising Sun Middle School  Retired 

I am the Service-Learning coordinator for my school. In this capacity I promote, facilitate, and track service-learning in infused curriculum, clubs and organizations, and individual plan service projects. With 6th grade classes we explored "Treasure from Trash". We studied how "trash" can really be a "treasure" when recycled through school wide composting of cafeteria food, and paper collection and recycling, including 1 ton of telephone books which were recycled, not sent to the landfill. My 8th graders have adopted a local cemetery and surrounding area to beautify and to promote their appreciation and learning of local history and folklore. 

Contact Information
Julie Ayers, Service-Learning Specialist
Maryland State Department of Education
200 West Baltimore Street
Baltimore, MD 21201
Phone:  410-767-0358
Fax:      410-333-8010
Email:   julie.ayers@maryland.gov