Expert Review Team (ERT)

In its role leading the implementation of the Blueprint for Maryland’s Future, the Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE) is establishing the Expert Review Team (ERT) to support implementation of the Blueprint at the school and district levels. The Expert Review Team will collaborate with districts to ensure all schools are on a path towards successful implementation. Through a process of reviewing available data and information, and conducting a comprehensive school visit consisting of observations, interviews, and focus groups, the ERT will identify opportunities for improving implementation of Blueprint initiatives with a focus on student outcomes and develop recommendations. Continuing to emerge from the pandemic, MSDE will also use the ERT structure to review how school systems are using American Rescue Plan (ARP) Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief (ESSER) Funds to support student learning.

MSDE is establishing one consolidated review process through the expert review team program to meet the Blueprint and ARP ESSER school review requirements. A consolidated review process allows MSDE to effectively utilize resources, streamline recommendations and reports, and strengthen support to school systems. All school reviews will be facilitated by expert review teams led by MSDE. Expert review teams will review school data, facilitate classroom observations, and conduct focus groups to identify effective practices and opportunities for growth in a school. Recommendations will be developed, and support will be provided to improve student outcomes.

Team Composition

Expert review teams will consist of experienced teachers and leaders who have demonstrated evidence in improving student outcomes. Other experts with in-depth knowledge on effective school improvement practices will also be a part of the expert review team. Current and retired teachers and leaders are encouraged to apply.


Expert review team members will facilitate reviews in at least four different schools over a two-year period. Review team members will be paid at least $5,000 for completing training, reviewing school data and completing pre-site visit protocols, facilitating on-site reviews (focus groups, classroom observations, etc.), and completing post-visit reporting. Additional payments will be made for those that complete more than four school reviews. Travel expenses and reimbursement will be provided in accordance with state guidelines. All reviewers will be provided with materials and supplies to facilitate reviews

MSDE is building a team of experts to support reviews in approximately 145 Maryland public

schools each year. APPLY NOW to join our team!