Governance and Accountability

The Blueprint emphasises the work needed to ensure the successful implementation and evaluation of the legislation’s programs and initiatives. The goal of the Kirwan Commission was to “establish a mechanism to ensure excellence for all through governance and accountability,” with the establishment of the new Accountability and Implementation Board (AIB). This seven-member board is charged with overseeing the comprehensive implementation of the Blueprint for Maryland’s Future.

Accountability and Implementation Board (AIB)

The Board has been charged to evaluate the data submitted to it, and assess how well the many components of the Blueprint for Maryland's Future are working to achieve its desired outcome of equal access to a high-quality education. By January 1 of each year through 2031, the Board is to review the use of school-level expenditures, including poverty grants and special education funding, and monitor school system compliance with the requirements of the Blueprint for Maryland's Future.

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Expert Review Team Program

To better measure the implementation of the Blueprint for Maryland’s Future in schools, MSDE must establish, administer, and supervise an expert review team program. This team program will determine the underlying causes for student performance issues, evaluate behavioral health services provided in schools, and develop recommendations, measures, and strategies to address identified issues.

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