More Resources to Ensure that All Students are Successful

​With its emphasis on equity and closing deeply entrenched achievement gaps, the Blueprint stresses availability and access to resources to ensure that all students are successful. Embedded within the Blueprint for this area are increases in funding for special education and English learner students. The Blueprint also calls for the expansion of community schools, a program focused on schools with high concentrations of poverty that provide needed social services, before‑ and after‑school and summer academic programs, and expanded student access to school-based health services. 

The Blueprint also introduces new workgroups and entities, including the Workgroup on English Learners, chaired by the State Superintendent, and the Maryland Consortium of Coordinated Community Supports, which the State Superintendent serves on.

English Learner (EL) Blueprint Workgroup

The Workgroup on English Language Learners in Public Schools was established by the Blueprint for Maryland’s Future Act in order to transform Maryland’s education system to a world-class model for every student, including students with limited English proficiency. Learn more about this workgroup and view agendas, meetings, and meet the members. 

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Neighborhood Indicators of Poverty

State Superintendent Choudhury presented Blueprint Deep Dive: Neighborhood Indicators of Poverty, part of the Blueprint for Maryland's Future focus on providing more resources to ensure all students are successful. The board presentation highlights MSDE's efforts to collect more comprehensive and meaningful student poverty data.

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Maryland Community Schools and the Concentration of Poverty Grant

This presentation to the Maryland State Board of Education provides a summary of MSDE's efforts to steer expansion of community schools, which accelerate student achievement by connecting students and families to critical resources. Community schools are defined in Maryland law as "a public school that identifies a set of strategic partnerships between the school and other community resources that promote student achievement, positive learning outcomes, and the well-being of students by providing wraparound services." Blueprint for Maryland's Future legislation provides Concentration of Poverty grants for personnel and wraparound services in community schools and requires needs assessments and implementation plans.

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