Resources for Talking and Teaching About Race

Black Lives Matter protesters make their way along Charles Street during a march from the Baltimore School for the Arts to the Baltimore City Public Schools headquarters on North Ave onJune 10, 2020. (Kenneth K. Lam)

Student protest in Baltimore, Maryland

Social studies in Maryland will produce students who have the knowledge and skills necessary to be empowered, informed, and socially responsible participants in our nation’s democracy. Every day, teachers work toward this vision in their social studies classrooms by helping students learn the historical influences on our world today, and the tools of democracy that allow them to participate in conversations influencing public policy. In times of social unrest, teachers have the responsibility to learn alongside their students and provide space for students to explore and express emotions related to the outcry. The resources below help teachers reflect, learn, and plan for these discussions in their classroom.


​Brief Description

NATIONAL MUSEUM OF AFRICAN AMERICAN HISTORY AND CULTURE ​Comprehensive and dynamic web portal for resources related to talking and teaching about race.
TEACHING TOLERANCE Teacher resource on the importance of talking about race. Links to additional resources curated by Teaching Tolerance.
FACING HISTORY AND OURSELVESSteps and teacher resources for use when planning and implementing lessons related to current events on racial injustice.
NATIONAL CENTER FOR CHILD TRAUMATIC STRESS National Child Traumatic Stress Network, Justice Consortium, Schools Committee, and Culture Consortium.