Student Discipline

​There are countless interactions between individuals over the course of a school day. There are equally as many forces (hunger, sleep, cold, argued with parent, don’t know the answer, etc) acting separately upon each individual within the interaction. Understanding the nature of interactions within the school day help us to understand how best to:

  1. Create an environment that supports the mitigation of forces that can negatively influence everyone.
  2. Provide a means by which to correct mistakes and repair harm that will occur during the learning process.
  3. Gather and use resources and interventions to support individuals who struggle to overcome forces influencing their behavior.

The desired outcome for every interaction within every school, and every classroom, is that learning occur and a student grows in the acquisition of skills. The reaction used for behavioral mistakes should be responsive interventions that assist the student in acquiring skills that increase future success. A variety of resources to assist school staff in their quest to teach ALL students will be provided through this webpage. Join MSDE, educators, and community members, across Maryland in being a positive force ensuring our interactions guarantee that our children grow to be healthy and productive citizens.

Fostering and maintaining positive and successful learning environments requires attention to each of these areas.
​​Mental Health Programs


Brad Engel
School Climate Initiatives Specialist, Division of Student Support, Academic Enrichment, and Educational Policy
Office: (410) 767-0306