Office of Communications and Community Engagement

The mission of the Office of Communications and Community Engagement (OCCE) is to tell the story of MSDE’s initiatives and goal to provide high-quality education to every Maryland child. Through the effective use of communication tools and strategies, the Office keeps Maryland constituents and LEAs connected and engaged by providing timely, accurate, and relevant information.

Digital services:

Managing the MSDE website, branding, content creation and social media management are among the integrated services the Office provides as part of its responsibility to support the Department, the State Board of Education, and the State Superintendent of Schools.

Community engagement:

By attending local events and inviting stakeholders to join in meaningful conversations, the Office extracts valuable community input for decision making and cultivates transparent and prolific relationships with Maryland’s students, families, school staff, and local education agencies.

Public information and media relations:

The Office relays information regarding department initiatives, news, and events to the public and serves as the primary point of contact for all media inquiries and Maryland Public Information Act (MPIA) requests. 

Social Media: 

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Lora Rakowski
Senior Executive Director, Office of Communications and Community Engagement
Office: (410) 767-0486