Promising Principals’ Academy

The Promising Principals’ Academy is a year-long professional learning experience designed to equip participants with the skills and knowledge to successfully transition to the principalship. Academy participants are assistant principals, central office staff, and teacher leaders who have earned their Administrator II endorsement and have been recommended by their Superintendent or Chief Executive Officer (CEO). The 52 participants (two from every local school system, The SEED School of Maryland and Juvenile Services Education System) are nominated by their local Superintendent or CEO to participate because they have demonstrated strong leadership potential.

Academy participants gather for several multi-day convenings, during which they hear from State and national experts on the topics that their superintendents reported to be the most critical needs of new principals, and gain first-hand experience tackling the real-life scenarios and challenges principals face regularly. The content of these sessions will help better prepare participants for the principalship as an instructional leader as well as build a supportive statewide networking cohort.

Participants in the 2021-2022 Academy were the fifth cohort of promising principals to take part in this unique leadership development program. Feedback from the first four cohorts was overwhelmingly positive and many of the participants have been promoted to school leadership positions as a result of knowledge and skills they developed during the Academy experience.

The 2021-2022 Promising Principals' Academy year long agenda can be accessed here.