2019 - 2020 Milken National Educator Award Recipient

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East Silver Spring Elementary School

Montgomery County Public School

Brian Quinn teaches 4th-grade math at East Silver Spring Elementary, where students know that he is a teacher who will do whatever it takes to help them succeed and they DO succeed with high numbers of his students, many of them economically disadvantaged, who achieved proficiency and above scores on state math assessments. He is the math teacher for the entire 4th grade and is skilled at using school and district-wide data to identify students' gaps and adapting his instruction to address those gaps.

Mr. Quinn motivates his students through the use of computer and board games and he uses small group cooperative learning strategies to engage even his least motivated students. He is known as a master relationship-builder and works effectively with students, staff, and parents.  Brian has a bachelor's degree from Salisbury University and a master's from the University of Maryland.

State Superintendent of Schools Dr. Karen B. Salmon speaks to elementary students from a podium in the school gym.

At an elementary school assembly in the gym, students and faculty hold up signs that spell out $25,000

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