CTE Perkins V Local Application


The federal 2018 Strengthening Career and Technical Education for the 21st Century Act, informally known as Perkins V, requires annual local applications from local school systems and community colleges. There are two primary parts to the Maryland State Department of Education's Career and Technical Education (CTE) Local Application for Perkins V grant funds: (1) Comprehensive Local Needs Assessment and (2) Local Application. Local school systems and community colleges are required to submit a local application every year, and a needs assessment every other year. 

Design of the Overall Local Application

The CTE comprehensive local needs assessment and local application are designed to be completed by a team of stakeholders, informed by data, and to assess the local and regional economic and labor market needs for CTE. Perkins V also emphasizes that student access and equity issues be addressed for all CTE programs of study. 

Local Application

The annual local application incorporates the results of the comprehensive local needs assessment in order to determine how Perkins funds will be used on the local level to support CTE. The local application, which includes plans of action for budgeted expenses as well as systemic narratives that describe general CTE administrative vision, mission, and policies, must be developed with a team of local stakeholders, and then submitted to the MSDE Division of Career and College Readiness for review and approval. Approved local applications are eligible to receive Perkins V funding. Click on either the Comprehensive Local Needs Assessment or the Local Application to download a copy of the document. 


For more information on the CTE Perkins Local Application, contact Nina Roa, Director of Finance and Legislation for Career Programs, Maryland State Department of Education, Division of Career and College Readiness, via email at nina.roa@maryland.gov.