JSES Career & Technology Education (CTE)

career development chart

Ken Young
CTE Coordinator

Career Technology Education Program of Studies (CTE)

Juvenile Services Education System (JSES) endeavors to align all CTE classes to those offered within local school systems across the State. This alignment allows JSES students the ability to earn transferable course credits recognized by other school systems. Completion of some JSES CTE courses also allows students to earn national certifications in multiple CTE pathways.

Students enrolled in CTE courses will explore potential career areas through the process of self- awareness, career awareness, career exploration, and setting academic and career-related goals. Course content will integrate the development of competency in business writing, as well as, the Skills for Success (communication, learning, interpersonal, technology, and critical thinking). Students will be introduced to basic concepts of financial literacy to help them manage their personal finances. Students will also have the opportunity to earn several national certifications upon completion of designated programs.