Juvenile Services Education System

Welcome to the Juvenile Services Education System Education for a Brighter Tomorrow

About JSES

The Juvenile Services Education System (JSES) within the Office of the Deputy for School Effectiveness, provides educational services to youths detained and committed to the Maryland Department of Juvenile Services (DJS). JSES administers education services in thirteen DJS facilities statewide.

JSES Vision and Mission

Student growth is at the heart of our community. In JSES schools, our goal is to empower our students no matter their background or circumstances to successfully re-enter/re-engage with the community. We will prepare students to experience success in both academics and careers by connecting them to meaningful and challenging learning pathways.

Therefore, our mission is to provide:

  • RELEVANT learning that students can apply to their lives and future goals. 
  • RIGOROUS academics that challenge them to learn and grow.
  • REWARDING opportunities for post-secondary experiences.
  • RESPECTFUL learning environment that supports a comprehensive and holistic approach to academics, social and emotional growth that is a comprehensive approach to serving the whole child.

Contact Information

Deborah Grinnage-Pulley
Executive Director
Office of the Deputy for Organizational Effectiveness
Juvenile Services Education System