State Aided Educational Institutions Program (SAI) Grant Recipients

The Maryland State Department of Education provides annual grants to non-profit organizations to provide enriching educational programs that cannot be replicated in the classroom. Collectively, these programs are known as the State Aided Educational Institutions Program (SAI). The organizations provide engaging, hands-on, experiential learning opportunities that support the State's curricular and educational goals and priorities.

FY 2021 Program Directory

Presently, fifty-six programs are funded across the State. Grant recipients include:

These institutions provide opportunities that emphasize experiential learning and one-on-one support services. Services include, but are not limited to, free or reduced admission, full-day and residential field-trips with hands-on activities, mentoring and tutoring. In many cases, pre- and post-visit activities for teachers are used to connect the experiences to the classroom curriculum. Programs also provide continued follow-up to experiential activities through internet activities. Professional development opportunities for teachers that link the SAI programs with the classroom are also available.

Monitoring of the SAI programs includes on-site visits by MSDE staff, a mid-year progress report, and a final program report that verifies services provided.

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