Worcester Service-Learning

1. Service-Learning Contact Information

Coordinator: Jess McInerney
Telephone: 410-632-5043
Fax: 410-632-0364

2. Teacher Fellows

Leah Olsen, 2014, Stephen Decatur Middle School (Social Studies), Worcester County, NLOlsen@mail.worcester.k12.md.us

Rhonda Walsh, 2011, Berlin Intermediate School (Social Studies), Worcester County, rhonda@walsh.ws

Grow Berlin Green (environmental)

Jamie Bartlett Thompson, 2009, Stephen Decatur High School (Government), Worcester County, JEBarlett@mail.worcester.k12.md.us

Diakonia Personal Needs Drive Service-Learning Project (poverty)

Twynette Binns, 2009, Pocomoke Middle School (Social Studies), Worcester County, TSBinns@mail.worcester.k12.md.us

The Costen House Service-Learning Project (historic preservation)

Beau Brooks Williams, 2008, Snow Hill Middle School (Social Studies), Worcester County, bbwilliams@mail.worcester.k12.md.us

Assisting Assateague State Park
Snow Hill Middle School partnered with Assateague State Park during the 2006-2007 school year. The project began with visits to Assateague State park to assess the park’s needs which could by met by our students.  Next, throughout the year, Assateague State Park met with our students to help teach them about the diverse biology of the park, which related to several science standards. And finally, we completed public relation projects for the park in the form of posters and bulletins boards and visited the park to help with a clean-up project.

Amy Gallagher, 2007, Stephen Decatur Middle School (U.S. History), 410-641-2846, adgallagher@mail.worcester.k12.md.us

Have a Heart for the Homeless
My most memorable experience engaging my students in service-learning was the project entitled “Have a Heart for the Homeless.”  Our project objective was for students to participate in activities to gain an understanding of the issue of homelessness in our area and develop activities that are designed to provide money and necessary items to these shelters.  Our project, developed primarily by the students, included written and visual preparatory activities, a collection for a local homeless shelter, and written and visual reflection activities. 

Sue Walls, 2004, Stephen Decatur Middle School, 410-641-2846, ctgirl56@aol.com

Think Links - Caring Connections
One of my most memorable service- learning experiences took place during the Christmas season of 2000. It was conducted by the Student Government Association (SGA) and involved participation of the entire student body and staff of Stephen Decatur Middle School.

Laurie Chetelat, 2001, Stephen Decatur High School (Civics), 410-641- 217l, stephen-decatur@hotmail.com

Decatur Way...The Way to Grow
Stephen Decatur High School adopted a new philosophy known as the "Decatur Way...The Way to Grow," promoting student pride, responsibility, respect, and achievement. Building on this theme, resource teacher Tom Sites and I developed a plan that would allow our 20 high school students to become actively involved in our school through service-learning. Our plan allows for our students to plan, construct, and maintain a new courtyard area for our school to be used by the entire student body for various class activities. Unique to other student service-learning projects, this is a "work in progress." This project will allow our classes in the future to remain involved by maintaining the courtyard and designing additional features for the courtyard as requested by the teachers in our building. It is estimated that our project will take two years to complete.

Contact Information
Reginald Burke, M.S.
Director, Youth Development Branch
Maryland State Department of Education
410-767-0313 office