Maryland High School Graduation Task Force Members

​Maryland State Education Association
*    Jennifer Davis
Maryland Business Roundtable
*    Rudy Ruiz
Maryland School Counselor Association
*    Kelly Ruby
Maryland Chamber of Commerce
*    Anna Gavin
Maryland PTA
*    Rick Tyler
University System of Maryland
*    Nancy Shapiro
Maryland Higher Education Commission
*    Michael Kiphart
*    Emily Dow
*    Karen King-Sheridan
*    Barbara Schmertz
Maryland Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation
*    Terry Gilleland
Maryland State Board of Education
*    Justin Hartings
*    Michele Jenkins Guyton
Maryland Independent College and University Association
*    Faith Connolly
*    Rachel Durham
Special Education State Advisory
*    Kelly Meissner
Maryland Association of Boards of Education
*    Charles McDaniels
Maryland Association of Elementary School Principals
*    David DuLac

Maryland Association of Student Councils
*    Brandon Hill
*    Jason Wu
*    Safwan Masood
*    Alice Kukapa
*    Grace Wu
Public School Superintendents Association of Maryland
*    Jason Dykstra
*    George Arlotto
*    James Scott Smith
Maryland State Department of Education
*    Mary Gable
*    Angie Holocker
Office of the Attorney General
*    Elizabeth Kameen
Maryland English Language Learning Family Involvement
*    Kia McDaniel
*    Jennifer Love
Maryland Department of Human Services
*    Peaches Wilson
Maryland Association of Secondary School Principals
*    Marc Cohen
*    Ken Goncz
Maryland Teacher of the Year
*    Brendan Gallagher
Maryland Governor's Office
*    Carly Hviding
Maryland Association of Community Colleges
*    Eileen Abel
Education Strategy Group
*    Alissa Peltz
January 2018