Blueprint for Maryland’s Future

What is the Blueprint for Maryland's Future? 

Promise and opportunity for every Maryland child.

The Blueprint is a landmark piece of legislation passed in 2021, which includes comprehensive changes to Maryland’s early childhood and public schools. Increasing education funding by $3.8 billion each year over the next 10 years, the Blueprint will enrich student experiences, accelerate student outcomes and improve the overall quality of education in Maryland.

Delivering opportunity and promise of a better future to every Maryland child, the Blueprint for Maryland’s Future will transform the State’s education and early childhood systems with sweeping policy changes and an unprecedented investment of State and local resources. Prioritizing equity, the Blueprint prescribes new programs and innovative approaches to catalyze a world-renowned education system that aims to eradicate achievement gaps and ensures opportunity for every student, regardless of family income, race, ethnicity, and/or ability. 

The Blueprint is a product of the recommendations made by the Commission on Innovation and Excellence in Education, more commonly known as the Kirwan Commission, which met over the course of three years. The commission was comprised of a cross-section of stakeholders including education advocates, teachers, legislators and consultants to address education funding and needed approaches to better prepare students for success in the modern workforce. In doing so, the Blueprint’s future focus not only directly benefits students and educators, but also will lift historically underserved communities, prepare the workforce of tomorrow through career and college readiness and enhance the State’s economic competiveness. The Blueprint also established the new Accountability and Implementation Board (AIB) solely dedicated to ensuring the successful implementation of the Blueprint.

The Blueprint for Maryland's Future provides the foundation needed to elevate every child to reach their full promise and potential by transforming Maryland's education system to a world-class model. The bold work of the Blueprint for Maryland’s Future is organized into five distinct policy areas. To learn more about MSDE's work to date in each policy area, click the links below:

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Spotlight on English Learner (EL) Blueprint Workgroup

The Workgroup on English Learners in Public Schools was established by the Blueprint for Maryland’s Future Act as part of the legislation’s purpose to transform Maryland’s education system to a world-class student-achievement model for every student, including students who are developing proficiency in English. 

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How is MSDE implementing the Blueprint?

In partnership with the State Board, AIB, and local school systems, State Superintendent of Schools Mohammed Choudhury is reimagining the organization of MSDE in order to best implement the Blueprint and lead Maryland's educational system forward. MSDE will continuously assess and improve upon its capacity to steer the future of Maryland education. With proactive engagement, MSDE will collaboratively design and implement a multi-year strategic plan to anchor the goals, objectives and best practices to fulfill the promise of the Blueprint. 

"The Blueprint for Maryland's Future" offers a once-in-a-generation opportunity – and we will get it right for the State's children – whatever it takes."

 State Superintendent of Schools Mohammed Choudhury-

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