About the Maryland State Board of Education


The State Board consists of 14 members, all appointed by the Governor with the advice and consent of the Senate:

  • One member shall be a certified teacher who is actively teaching. The Governor shall appoint the teacher member, with the advice and consent of the Senate, who received the highest number of votes after an election by teachers in the State.

  • One member shall be the parent of a student enrolled in a public school in the State. The Governor shall appoint the parent member, with the advice and consent of the Senate, from a list of three qualified individuals submitted to the Governor by the Maryland PTA.

  • One member shall be a regularly enrolled student in good standing in a public high school in the State. The Governor shall select the student member from a list of 2 persons nominated by the Maryland Association of Student Councils 

All members serve for a term of four years, except for the student member who may only serve a one-year term with the possibility of reappointment for a maximum of two, one-year terms. Each member serves until a successor is appointed and qualifies. The Governor shall appoint a new member to fill any vacancy on the Board for the remainder of a term and until a successor is appointed and qualifies. Board members appointed to complete a term are eligible to serve two, full four-year terms in addition to the remainder of the term they have been appointed to fill, reappointments are made by the Governor and are subject to Senate confirmation.


Under its authority, the State Board sets the educational policy and standards for pre-kindergarten through high school, vocational rehabilitation services, passes regulations that have the force of law, and is empowered to interpret the true meaning and intent of the law. The State Board also reviews and approves three annual budgets (the Department of Education headquarters budget, the state aid to local education budget, and state-aided institutions budget) before they are passed on to the governor's office for approval or revision and then to the General Assembly for final action. Through an appeal process, the State Board also reviews and makes decisions on controversies and disputes that arise from each of Maryland’s 24 school systems.

With the advice of the State Superintendent, the State Board recommends to the Governor and the General Assembly any legislation that it considers necessary. The State Board also appoints the State Superintendent of Schools (State Superintendent), who serves a four-year term. The State Superintendent is responsible for the administration of the MSDE and carries out the educational policies of the State Board. The State Superintendent is the Chief Executive and serves as Secretary and Treasurer of the State Board.

(Updated September 2023)


Ensure all students have access to a world class educational system that prepares them to graduate ready for post-secondary learning, rewarding work, and success in society and life.


We will ensure a rigorous and world-class educational experience for every Maryland student, in every neighborhood, that prepares each to be college and career ready, through:

    • strategic direction and leadership;
    • policy making and resource allocation; and
    • engagement and advocacy.


Accountability: We will take responsibility for our commitments, and maintain open, transparent, and responsive communication on academic, operational, and financial policies and outcomes.

Engagement: We will partner and engage with diverse stakeholders and decision makers in the design, implementation, and evaluation of our policies, programs, and actions.

Equity: We will do whatever it takes to eliminate barriers to success and provide the necessary resources and supports to ensure that every Maryland student achieves at the highest level.

Excellence: We will ensure a rigorous and engaging educational environment for all students defined by high expectations, research-based instructional practices, and highly effective, culturally responsive educators.

Transformation: We will pursue best-in-class outcomes through bold, impactful actions to ensure that every student has the tools, resources, supports, and opportunities they need to thrive.

Maryland State Board of Education
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Zachary Hands
Executive Director
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Charlene Necessary

Administrator and Regulations Coordinator
Office: (410) 767-0467
Email: stateboard.msde@maryland.gov