Individualized Professional Development Plan

​What is an Individualized Professional Development Plan (IPDP)?

An Individual Professional Development Plan (IPDP) is a tool for license holders to document and track their professional development goals during the validity period of the professional license. 

Am I required to develop an IPDP?

An IPDP must be in place for the five-year validity cycle of the Initial Professional, Professional, and Advanced Professional licenses. This applies to all educators who plan on renewing, regardless of employment status. 

Does my employer need to approve my IPDP?

If employed in a Maryland local education agency, Maryland-approved nonpublic special education program, or Maryland-operated school, the IPDP must be approved and signed by a supervisor or the supervisor's designee.  

If you are not employed with one of these entities, you are not required to have approval from your employer.

When do I submit my IPDP to MSDE?

You are required to submit your IPDP when you apply for renewal through TEACH.

What do I need to include in my IPDP?

Professional license holders must complete 90 Professional Development Points including content in specific topic areas. Please review the requirements for renewal or reference the IPDP form for detailed information.

Is there a Word version of the IPDP?

Yes. There is a PDF version and a Word version.