I have an expired historical certificate and would like to apply for a comparable license. 

The following expired historical certificates may be reinstated to a comparable license:

Historical Certificate
​Comparable License
​Professional Eligibility Certificate
​Initial Professional License
​Standard Professional Certificate I
​Initial Professional License
​Standard Professional Certificate II
​Professional License
​Advanced Professional Certificate
​Advanced Professional License

Through June 30, 2025, historical certificate holders have three options to reinstate to a comparable license:

1. Present 6 semester hours of acceptable credit*

*​Acceptable credit is credit that is:

    • Earned or taught at a regionally accredited college/university or through Maryland-approved Continuing Professional Development (CPD) credits​; and
    • Related to a school assignment; and
    • Earned within the past 5 years​​; and
    • Earned in required reading coursework* if not already completed (teaching areas only).
**Required reading coursework must be earned at a regionally accredited college/university or through Maryland approved CPDs. 
2. Present a valid professional certificate issued by a member state and verification of 3 years of satisfactory experience within the last 7 years
3. Submit the same requirements needed to renew a professional license. 

How do I reinstate an expired Maryland educator license?

The following professional licenses may be reinstated if they expire: 

​Initial Professional License

Professional License

​Advanced Professional License

To reinstate an expired professional license, you will need to submit one of the following options:

1. An active professional educator license/certificate issued by another state.


2. Submit the same requirements needed to renew a professional license. 

Historical Content Areas

A content area that is no longer issued may not be reinstated. If you held a historical area and let your credential lapse, you may not request it be reinstated.