​Continuing Professional Development

MSDE approved Continuing Professional Development (CPD) courses and experiences are an integral part of professional learning for educators in Maryland. A CPD is a recognized professional learning experience that signals the acquisition of deeper learning to improve professional practice and student learning outcomes.

I am interested in applying for approval of a CPD course

Please review MSDE's Continuing Professional Development Manual and submit a CPD Application. Please review our Frequently Asked Questions prior to completing your application. If you have questions regarding the application process or would like to check the status of your CPD application, please contact Pamela Darien at Pamela.Darien@maryland.gov.

I need to take a CPD course to renew my Maryland Educator License

In most instances, a CPD may be used for renewal of a professional Maryland Educator License. If you have questions regarding whether an approved CPD may be used to renew a Maryland Educator License, please visit the Educator Licensure website. A list of approved CPDs may be found on the MSDE e-Connect Learning Management System.

Questions regarding CPDs offered by a local school system should be addressed to that local education agency CPD Liaison.


Pamela Darien
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