Disproportionate Discipline
The Maryland Initiative

The state of Maryland continues to lead the way nationally in addressing student discipline disproportionality.  All Local School Systems in Maryland have discipline review teams that examine and respond to the removal of students by increasing the use of effective alternative discipline practices in Maryland schools.  Identification of discipline disproportionality occurs when a school meets and/or exceeds a 3.0 risk ratio on two measures; the comparison of the removal of student groups within the school and, the comparison to the state percentage number.  A school must meet both measures for EITHER a student group of race, OR the students with disabilities group during each year in the three year identification period.  The 2019-2020 school year is the beginning of the next three year identification period.  

An emerging best practice for eliminating disproportionate discipline is when systems provide quick, visual access of discipline data to system and school based leaders for analysis.  School leaders that review and respond to suspension and office discipline referrals at least monthly are demonstrating success in eliminating disproportionality.  Systems that provide data to school leaders in a way that allows them to quickly analyze the information to determine targeted intervention are maximizing this success.

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