2021 Virtual Maryland College Application Campaign

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Maryland College Application Campaign

October 1 - November 12, 2021

The Maryland College Application Campaign (MCAC) is open to all high school students. The goal of the college campaign is to increase the number of first generation students, low-income students, unaccompanied youth, foster care youth, students with disabilities, students in the juvenile education system, and others underrepresented in higher education. The college campaign provides hands-on assistance to high school students with the college application and Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) completion process, ensuring that each participating student submits at least one postsecondary application.

High schools interested in participating in the college campaign should complete the MCAC Site Registration Form.

State Financial Aid for Undocumented Students

Maryland College Application Campaign
Unaccompanied Youth and Foster Care Youth


The Maryland College Application Campaign (MCAC) provides this video with information on how to support Unaccompanied Youth and Foster Care Youth in Maryland to pursue post-secondary education.

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Michelle Daley, Ed.D.
Comprehensive Planning Specialist & MCAC State Program Coordinator
(410) 767-0359