School Mental Health

‚ÄčThe mission of the Student Services and Strategic Planning Branch (SSSP) is to provide leadership, support, and accountability for effective, local programs of student services that promote the social-emotional, psychological, behavioral, and physical health of all students. SSSP promotes healthy development, prevention, early intervention, and systems of care.

In Focus

School-based mental health programs encompass a range of prevention and intervention services, many of which are routinely provided in a school setting by school system personnel. School system personnel who provide these services include Student Services personnel such as school counselors, school psychologists, school nurses, social workers, and pupil personnel workers.

Expanded school mental health builds upon this foundation and expands the level of services delivered in schools to provide a continuum of mental health services for children and adolescents in both general and special education, developed through strong school-family-community partnerships. These services may:

  • Involve school-employed and collaborating community mental health professionals working together in schools to implement a full array of prevention, mental health promotion, early intervention and treatment programs, and/or

  • Result in the delivery of mental health services provided outside of the school setting by providers who are linked to the school.


Walter J. Sallee, Director
Director, Student Services and Strategic Planning Branch
Office: (410) 767-0784