Frederick Classical Charter School

8445 Spires Way, Suite CC, Frederick, MD 21701
Frederick County
Grades: K - 8
Phone: 240-236-1200
Principal: Dr. Camille Bell
School # 0301

What makes us unique?

Our scholars participate in a rigorous and vigorous course of study during their school day. Beginning with Kindergarten, scholars receive foreign language instruction in Spanish, as they enter fourth grade Latin is also included. Scholars have the opportunity to then select a foreign language for high school credit in grades seven and eight.

We employ a direct instruction model in keeping with classical education, that includes opportunity for students to fully master curriculum standards. Scholars become fully immersed in content knowledge by integration throughout subjects as well as fine arts classes.

Many varied afterschool activities are offered to make sure we offer scholars the option of expanding their interests.


Our school has a collaborative partnership with Eagle Ridge Academy in Minnesota. We have gotten support for professional development and have benefited from both virtual and in-person opportunities. As part of the Frederick County Public School system, we have been able to take advantage of the experts in a variety of curricular areas. We have been able to receive training in Special Education as well as working with highly able learners. Our community engagement, even during a pandemic has continued to strengthen and we have been able to partner with local businesses for their support through fundraisers. We are excited to have a future partnership with a new charter school that will be in operation next year in Frederick County. Sabillasville Environmental Charter School will also use classical pedagogy to develop their program.

Mission and Vision:

The mission of the Frederick Classical Charter School is to provide elementary and middle school-aged children in Frederick County with a well-rounded, college-focused instructional program that develops students’ knowledge, reason, and self-expression.

The long-term vision of the Frederick Classical Charter School is to be nationally recognized as a replicable model for providing a traditional, rigorous liberal arts education using well-researched instructional approaches.


  • After School Programs: band, chess, basketball, Destination Imagination, dance, chorus, Science Olympiad
  • College Preparatory: Jr. National Honor Society
  • Direct Instruction
  • Dress Code

Lottery preferences:

  • Siblings of current students
  • Teachers and staff
  • Founding families

Principal's Message:

I am most proud of my school community each and every day. When I walk through the hallways and see smiling scholars and am greeted with enthusiasm and joy, I feel optimistic about their futures. When others visit my school, they comment on how orderly and serious the scholars are regarding their studies. But scholars’ days are also filled with wonder and curiosity and teachers go out of their way to make sure they get unique opportunities. For example, when our fourth graders were studying human body systems, teachers arranged for deer hearts to dissect.

I am also proud when our community comes together in times of sadness. We had the misfortune of losing a scholar to cancer. In response, the community rallied and we now have a memorial fund established in her honor.