Imagine Lincoln Public Charter

Imagine Lincoln Public Charter School Logo

4207 Norcross Street, Temple Hills, MD 20748
Prince George's County
Grades: K - 8
Phone: 301-808-5600
Principal: Lance Pace
School # 0662

What makes us unique:

At Imagine Lincoln we work on building character and ensuring that our scholars have their needs met through Social Emotional Learning and also Restorative Practices.  We also have STEM initiatives through Patriot Technology.  We hold monthly character assemblies to highlight scholars hard work around building character and kick off a new trait each month. 


We are engaged with the community through local service activities such as clothing drives and food drives.  We also are working on building a garden with the community design center and our neighboring church.  The Patriot Technology group is also a local organization with whom we work. 

Mission and Vision:

Our educational philosophy is grounded in the belief that the content of what children learn is very important and that it is inadequate to focus primarily on teaching skills and techniques to pass tests. In order to help children thrive academically, learning must go beyond skill acquisition to the mastery of content that provides them with the ability to apply what they learn to new situations, solve problems, and create new ideas. This depth of understanding leads to a love of learning and an ability to independently develop innovative solutions to problems and create new knowledge.


  • After School Programs
  • Extracurricular Activities
  • Dress Code
  • Restorative Practices
  • STEM

Why Imagine Lincoln:

  • Dedicated, Caring Teachers
  • Character Development
  • Scholastic Curriculum
  • Community Friendly
  • Location