Task Force on Student Discipline Regulations Subcommittees

Subcommittee 1 - MSDE Regulations and Guidelines:

  • Examine/review current state discipline regulations and the impact of state policies and guidelines on students, teachers, classrooms, learning environments, and schools.
  • Evaluate the scope of implementation by  teachers, school-based administrators, and local districts and identify problematic policies, practices, and procedures.
  • Review SEA/LEA’s discipline data and statistics, including the school climate survey; and
  • Draft recommendations.

Subcommittee 2 - Best Practices:

  • Identify, research, and evaluate model programs – locally and nationally (when possible, conduct on-site visits).
  • Determine the most effective interventions and programs, and gather supporting data (statistical and/or anecdotal) to prove effectiveness in improving school climate and decreasing classroom/school disruptions, discipline referrals, suspensions and/or expulsions; and
  • Draft recommendations.

Task Force on Student Discipline Regulations