Stephanie R. Iszard, M.Ed.

Stephanie R. Iszard, M.Ed.Stephanie R. Iszard, M.Ed., (Vice President) comes to the Maryland State Board of Education with over 25 years of administrative and classroom experience in the public and private sectors of education. Currently the principal at a private school in Prince Georges County, she obtained her B.A. in Education from the University of Louisiana and Master’s degree in Education from Regent University. Ms. Iszard earned a Lifetime Educator’s Certificate by the Executive Board of ACSI.  She is certified by ACSI as a principal at all levels.

She has served the educational community as math instructor, Dean of Students, Instructional Council Member for developing curriculum, chair of several committees (safety, site advisory, funding, etc.),  parent/student/ teacher conflict ombudsman, to name a few.  Ms. Iszard loves getting parents and communities involved in the educational process. Black History Festivals, Cinco de Mayo Celebrations, and Pi Day Celebrations are a few examples. She has led fundraisers for various private institutions, written grants, and worked to get Smartboards in every classroom in her school. Her resolute drive and passion for teaching and challenging students to grow has made her prominent among her peers.

Ms. Iszard worked and taught at Teen Challenge in Brooklyn, New York, a faith-based organization that offers solutions for youth, adults, and families struggling with life-controlling problems, such as addiction. She recently served on the Maryland Heroin and Opioid Emergency Task Force.

With abundant experience and a thorough understanding of the educational process, Ms. Iszard looks forward to serving her term on the board.

Stephanie R. Iszard, an Annapolis resident, was born and raised in southern Louisiana and has lived in Maryland over 23 years. She is the proud mother of, Zach, 21 and Katie, 19.