Local School Systems (LSS) / Public Agencies (PA) - Part B Grants Submissions Timeline

State Fiscal Year (SFY) 2017 and 2018

Each Maryland local school system (LSS) and public agency (PA) receiving federal Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) funds is required to develop and submit an application for the expenditure of federal funds in support of its special education or early intervention programs in order to provide a free appropriate public education (FAPE) for children and students with disabilities. 

All LSS/PA Part B applications, budget and post-application submissions must comply with applicable programmatic and fiscal regulations. 

The Part B Grants Submission Timeline provides guidance related to the timely application and reporting process. To ensure use of the correct submission documents, download the forms just prior to completing them by accessing the links listed. Submission of outdated forms will not be reviewed or considered as timely. 

All submissions must be uploaded to the MSDE Secure Web Client. Please follow the submission requirements contained in the MSDE Secure Web Client Access and Submission Procedures.

File Naming Conventions are noted for each submission. Uploaded files that are incorrectly named or that contain more than one submission will not be reviewed or considered as timely filed.  


May 12, 2017
SFY 2018 Local Application for Federal Funds (LAFF)

May 15, 2017

Grant Amendment Request deadline for  SFY 2016 grants extended to 6/30/2017


August 15, 2017
Grant Amendment Request deadline for  SFY  2017 grant lines ending 9/30/17


September 30, 2017
Final Progress/Cumulative Variance Report and Final Financial Report (System is marked "F" at the local level) for SFY 2016 grants extended to 6/30/2017 
DSE/EIS standardized Invoice for 
SFY 2016 grants extended to 6/30/2017        
(Applies to LSS/PA/Non-LSS on Payment 
 Code 0)

(PBG_LSS##_20XX_GrantName_Grant#_FFR.pdf )(PBG_LSS##_20XX_GrantName_Grant#_INV#.pdf)

 SFY 2018 Staffing Plans must be uploaded to  the MSDE Secure Web Client with follow-up  email Grant Liaison

November 30, 2017
Final Progress/Cumulative Variance Report and Final Financial Report (AFR System is marked "F" at the local level) for SFY 2017 Discretionary Grants ending 9/30/2017. Reporting  may include Fully Expended SFY 2017 Passthrough Funds ending 9/30/2018. Non-LSS_Payment Code (0) Financial Report and 
DSE/EIS Standardized Invoice for SFY 2017 Discretionary Grants ending 9/30/2017 may include Fully Expended SFY 2017 Passthrough  Funds ending 9/30/2018 (Applies to LSS/PA/Non LSS on Payment Code 0)

(PBG_LSS##_20XX_GrantName_Grant#_FFR.pdf )(PBG_LSS##_20XX_GrantName_Grant#_INV#.pdf)

Annual Financial Report (AFR System is marked "A" at the local level) and PAs submit the  Non-LSS_Payment Code (0) Financial Report   checking "Annual" for all SFY 2017 Part B 611 and Preschool 619 Passthrough grants ending  9/30/2018 that were not Fully Expended as of 9/30/2017. (Reporting reflects all expenditures  as of 9/30/2017)


January 31, 2018
Interim Progress/Cumulative Variance Report  #2 for all SFY2017 grant lines ending 9/30/2018
Interim Progress/Cumulative Variance Report #1 for all SFY 2018 grant lines ending 9/30/2018




August 15, 2018
Grant Amendment Request deadline for SFY 2018 grant lines ending 9/30/2018


November 30, 2018
Report and Final Financial Report (AFR System is marked "F" at the local level) for all SFY 2017 Passthrough Funds ending 9/30/2018 and  SFY 2018 Discretionary Grants ending 9/30/2018. Reporting may include Fully Expended SFY2018 Passthrough Funds ending 9/30/2019. 
Discretionary Grants ending 9/30/2018 may include Fully Expended SFY 2018 Passthrough Funds ending 9/30/2019. (Applies to LSS/PA/Non LSS on Payment Code 0)

(PBG_LSS##_20XX_GrantNameCode_Grant#_FFR.pdf )(PBG_LSS##_20XX_GrantNameCode_Grant#_INV#.pdf)
Annual Financial Report (AFR System is
marked "A" at the local level) and PAs submit the  Non-LSS_Payment Code (0) Financial Report checking "Annual" for all SFY 2018  Part B 611 and Preschool 619 Passthrough grants ending 9/30/2019 that were not Fully Expended as of 9/30/2018. (Reporting reflects all expenditures  as of 9/30/2018)




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