Pupil Personnel Worker

Please be prepared to submit documentation verifying that you have met all of the requirements below: 
  1. A master's degree in pupil personnel or a related field, such as,
    • Counseling or guidance services, or both
    • Early childhood, elementary, or secondary education
    • Human growth and development
    • Sociology, social work, or psychology
    • Special education
    • Administration and supervision
  2. 21 semester hours of graduate credit or Maryland-approved Continuing Professional Development (CPD) courses selected from at least seven of the following eight areas:
    • School law (required)
    • Counseling methods
    • Early childhood or adolescent psychology, or both
    • Multicultural issues
    • Family systems/dynamics
    • Delivery of pupil personnel services and programs
    • Abnormal psychology or juvenile delinquency
    • Educational assessment interpretation
  3. Three years of satisfactory teaching or clinical experience
  4. Three semester hours of credit or Maryland-approved CPDs in special education coursework.