Pupil Personnel Worker

Please be prepared to submit documentation verifying that you have met the requirements below: 

A. A master's degree in pupil personnel or a related field, such as,
  1. Counseling or guidance services, or both
  2. Early childhood, elementary, or secondary education
  3. Human growth and development
  4. Sociology, social work, or psychology
  5. Special education
  6. Administration and supervision
B. 21 semester hours of graduate credit or Maryland-approved CPDs selected from at least seven of the following eight areas:
  1. School law (required)
  2. Counseling methods
  3. Early childhood or adolescent psychology, or both
  4. Multicultural issues
  5. Family systems/dynamics
  6. Delivery of pupil personnel services and programs
  7. Abnormal psychology or juvenile delinquency, or both
  8. Educational assessment interpretation
C. 3 years of satisfactory teaching experience, or, at the recommendation of a Maryland local superintendent of schools, related experience may be substituted for teaching experience.

D. 3 semester hours of credit or Maryland-approved CPDs in inclusion of special needs student populations.