Community Schools

Parents bringing kids to elementary school wearing face masks and maintaining physical distancing
Community schools are schools that develop and utilize partnerships that connect the school, students, families, and surrounding community to the resources needed in order to thrive. They highlight the assets in traditionally underserved communities and leverage partnerships, ultimately providing students, families, and communities with essential services and support. Maryland is home to nearly 360 community schools throughout the State, serving students and families from birth to adulthood. Through strategic partnerships, community schools work to provide access to high-quality academics, health services, mental health support, academic enrichment, out-of-school time programming, crisis support, adult education classes, leadership development, and more.


Tanya Dunsey Filson
Director of Community Schools
Division of Student Support, Academic
Enrichment, & Educational Policy
Maryland State Department of Education
200  W. Baltimore Street
Baltimore, Maryland 21201-2595
410-767-0309 (office)

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