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Training Requirements for School Nurses and Medication Technicians

As a result of legislation from the 2004 session of the Maryland General Assembly, the Board of Nursing developed training requirements for school nurses and medication technicians.

Training Requirements for Registered Nurses in Schools

Registered nurses (RNs) in Assisted Living, Developmental Disabilities Administration, Juvenile Services, and School Health (public and nonpublic) settings must complete a Case Manager/Delegating Nurse training program. The curriculum covers topics including, but not limited to: delegation requirements, principles of adult education, communication, and how to teach the updated medication technician training program. RNs who want to teach the medication technician training program must complete this curriculum. The Maryland Board of Nursing required parochial and private school RNs to complete the delegation course by the first day of school in August/September 2006.

Availability of RN Courses

The Maryland Board of Nursing approved the RN Case Manager/Delegating Nurse Training Program for School Health. At least one school health services supervisor in each jurisdiction and several RNs (who are independent contractors) are available to conduct the course for school nurses.

RN Instructors for Case Manager/Delegating Nurse Course

Medication Technician Training Program

All unlicensed school staff who routinely administer medications are required to completed the training program. They must also complete a clinical update every two years. There are three major components to the training program:

  1. Successful completion of 20 classroom clock hours;
  2. Simulated laboratory demonstration in the classroom setting of a medication administration pass under instructor observation; and
  3. Demonstration of medication administration to a client in the practice setting under instructor observation.
Medication Technician Training additional information.

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