Division of Assessment, Accountability, Performance Reporting & Research

Office of Research

​The purpose of the Office of Research is to:

  1. Create and implement a research agenda to support the Maryland State Department of Education’s mission;

  2. Support and assess MSDE’s progress toward its mission by describing data; supporting evidence-based decision making; evaluating the implementation and outcomes of state programs; conducting large-scale empirical research; and supporting MSDE’s offices and divisions to do the same;

  3. Support Maryland’s local school systems in using data, conducting original research, and making evidence-based decisions and policies.

Doing Research with MSDE

If you are interested in doing research with the Maryland State Department of Education, either by using Maryland's data or collecting your own, please visit Doing Research with MSDE.

The Office conducts many research activities internally, especially those that relate to current state initiatives. The Office also coordinates with the Maryland Longitudinal Data System Center and MSDE’s external research partners in implementing the agency’s research agenda. The Office will consider proposals from independent, non-partisan researchers interested in conducting work in Maryland.

Enrollment, attendance, graduation rate, assessment results, and other supporting data at the school, county, and state level is located on the Maryland Report Card website, and can be downloaded directly from that page.

Requests for school- or state-level data, or other data covered by the Maryland Public Information Act can be submitted with the Public Information Officer.

If you are requesting MSDE staff fill out a survey or answer questions related to state policy or programs, please contact the Division of Student Support, Academic Enrichment & Educational Policy.


Matthew Duque
Director, Office of Research
Office: (410) 767-0061