Aaron - National Academy of Finance

Why did you choose this CTE Program of Study? 
When choosing a high school to attend, the Academy of Finance stood out because of the quality of education I would receive, the long-term usefulness of the skills I would be taught, and the tight-knit community that students formed when studying together.

How did your CTE Program prepare you for college and career?
Two of the most important skills to have in college and beyond is critical thinking and learning ability. The individuals you interact with professionally want to know that you can learn tasks quickly and analyze situations efficiently to achieve the best outcome. The Academy of Finance program exposed its students to a myriad of opportunities--CTSOs, classroom learning, job shadowing, and others--in order to develop the skills students would need most in the future.

What Academic subjects were important to your success in your CTE program? 
The academic subject that greatly enhanced my experience in CTE was English, which created the foundation for the development of my communications skills necessary to be successful.

Describe any teachers or relationships that supported you? 
The CTE teachers were my biggest advocates and source of encouragement.

What are you currently doing since graduating high school?
After high school, I attended Villanova University where I received both my B.A. and M.A. I then began my career in public policy and economic development. I now serve as a program manager for a Baltimore area university.

Did you earn any college credit or industry recognized credentials while in high school? If yes, what?
Between AP and CTE courses, I had a number of opportunities to earn college credit. In my CTE program, students were awarded credit for courses such as Accounting if they registered at CCBC. Furthermore, many of my CTE courses like microeconomics helped prepare me for courses even if college credit was not offered. That advanced knowledge allowed me to excel in the class. 

What would you tell an incoming freshman or a middle school student about CTE? 
I recommend to each student that they take advantage of every opportunity presented to them that they humanly can. Being involved in CTE courses, CTSOs, and other student activities is not only attractive to colleges, but allows you to make valuable lifelong connections and friends that contribute to your growth and development. Taking each of those opportunities seriously and engaging meaningfully will pay dividends.