CTE Marketing Materials

Maryland's Focus Group Discussion Guide

​Interested in finding out what CTE messages will resonate with the students, parents, and counselors in your school system?  If so, use the Focus Group Discussion Guide to identify messages that will help you effectively market CTE in your system.  The Guide will take you through the process of conducting focus groups and is a good first step for developing your marketing strategy. 

Social Media How To Guide
Are you effectively incorporating social media in your CTE marketing?  The Socia Media How To Guide provides step-by-step instructions on using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snap Chat, and YouTube.  Additionally, the guide provides campaign stratgies as well as sample messages that can be tailored to the students, parents, and educators in your school system.

Flyer:  Your Future is Here
This flyer provides a general overview of Maryland's system of CTE, including the State's 10 cluster areas as well as the benefits of CTE programs of study.

The Value and Promise of CTE
From Advance CTE, this Fact Sheet summarizes key data points from the report: "The Value and Promise of Career Technical Education: Results from a National Survey of Parents and Students"