Career and Technical Education Programs of Study

Maryland CTE programs of study are statewide programs designed to prepare students for the global economy and workforce needs. All CTE programs are aligned to nationally or state-recognized industry and academic standards. CTE programs are organized by career clusters, which are groupings of occupations and industries based on shared features or “core functions,” CTE programs are based on academic and technical skill standards to ensure student preparation for both college and careers. CTE programs include work-based learning opportunities (e.g., internships, apprenticeships, clinical experience or industry mentored projects). Students also have the option to earn college credit and/or industry-recognized credentials such as certifications and licenses.

Maryland CTE Programs of Study

Maryland CTE programs of study are designed with state and national-level partners, are standardized across the state, and include opportunities for statewide professional learning for teachers. To keep programs current, MSDE in collaboration with business, higher education, and local school systems, provides guidance and support for the ongoing development of rigorous and relevant CTE programs of study that prepare students for both college and careers. The MSDE also collaborates with these partners as well as local school systems to develop and expand CTE programs in high demand careers, such as those in the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) disciplines.

Local education agencies have the option to implement a state CTE program of study or a local CTE program of study that has been approved by the Division of Career and College Readiness. The Policies and Procedures for the Development and Continuous Improvement of Career and Technical Education should be used to guide the development of local CTE programs of study.

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Marquita Friday
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