Empowering the Workforce of the Future

Get to know Maryland's Career and Technical Education programs from the people who know them best.

Maryland’s Career and Technical Education programs prepare Maryland students for a wide range of opportunities. Upon graduation, students may continue their education or move immediately into a career.  Maryland’s innovative programs have captured the attention of a growing number of students.  Programs require varying levels of education—from high school to apprenticeships or two- and four-year college degrees. Students can earn early college credit and industry-recognized credentials.  By completing a program of study while still in high school, students unlock a world of opportunities.

MSDE talked to a number of Maryland’s Career and Technical Education students for this special video series.  Students told us, in their own words, why they chose one of these cutting edge programs.  Through these programs of study, Maryland schools are empowering the workforce of the future. 

MSDE will add a new video to this series each week for the next several weeks. Get to know Maryland's Career and Technical Education programs from the people who know them best.

February is Career and Technical Education (CTE) Month

February is CTE month in Maryland. Across the state, CTE students enrolled in a wide variety of disciplines talk about their courses, opportunities, and plans for the future.

Victoria Bingham, Cosmetology

Victoria Bingham and her classmates at the Career & Technology Academy in Calvert County, talk about their hopes and career goals in the field of Cosmetology.

Ahmia Marion, James Plaskon, Culinary Arts

Senior Ahmia Marion and graduate James Plaskon talk about their experiences in Easton High's Culinary Arts program in Talbot County.

Apprentice Maryland

The Apprentice Maryland program offers students paid opportunities to join the workforce while in school, pursue their interests, and in the adult apprentice program, even help with college tuition. Here's a look.

Elizabeth Hartman, Construction Professions, Electrical

Elizabeth Hartman talks about her courses in 'Construction Professions - Electrical' at the Cecil County School of Technology. She's joined by her classmates and instructor, Vic Voshell.

Michael Rodriguez - Construction Professions, Welding

Michael Rodriguez talks about his welding class at the Cecil School of Technology, where teacher Charlie Wood is preparing students for careers in the business.

WCPS - Tech High (Be What You Want To Be)

Washington County Public Schools challenged HighRock to create a commercial that would get kid's attention, get them excited, and raise awareness for all the great career courses available. The target audience was teens and pre-teens, so we filmed this project with a 24mm to have a similar perspective to a phone camera.

Apprenticeship Maryland comes to Howard County Public Schools

Howard County students are entering into apprenticeships as their pathway to graduation, a career, and college.

Riley Bates, Manufacturing Engineering and Technology

Senior Riley Bates talks about the benefits of the Manufacturing Engineering Technologies program at Carroll County's Career and Technology

La'Nae Culbreath, Teacher Academy of Maryland

La'Nae Culbreath talks about the Teacher Academy of Maryland, and her experiences at Eastern Tech High in Essex. She's moving on to college full prepared as a result of her years in TAM.

Rita Wienand, Print Ed

Rita Wienand of The Center for Applied Technology North, describes her Print Ed curriculum in Michael Born's Printing Technologies class.

Cara Trembly - Introduction to Agriculture

At Hancock High in Washington County, senior Cara Trembly enjoys the CASE program. CASE stands for the Curriculum for Agriculture Science Education, and in it, Cara has found her field of study.

Skylar Jones, Automotive Technology

Skylar Jones, a junior at Parkside CTE in Salisbury, talks about her choice of career, and the program of Automotive Technology.

Jyrin Harmon, Collision Repair


At Parkside CTE in Salisbury, Jyrin Harmon completes his second year in the Career and Technology Collision Repair program.

Mayra Corea, Homeland Science


Mayra Corea, a junior at Joppatowne HS, talks about Homeland Science, and her hopes for a professional career.

Sierra Hixon - Horticultural Services

Sierra Hixon, a junior at Parkside CTE, talks about Horticultural Services and her experiences at the Salisbury school.

Laila Mirza, Pre-Engineering


Laila Mirza, a Senior at Worcester Technical High School, talks about her choice of Project Lead the Way's Pre-Engineering program.

Travis Pridemore - Construction Professions


Travis Pridemore, a junior in Washington County, takes a dual completer in the Construction Professions. Listen to his story from Smithsburg High.

Jalen McNeely, Geographic Information Systems

Joppatowne High senior Jalen McNeely is a photographer. He's found the Geographic Information Systems strand of Homeland Security Science very helpful in furthering his career goal.

Kaiya Mundell, Administration of Justice

Kaiya Mundell, a junior at Joppatowne HS, talks about the challenges of investigating crime scenes, in the Administration of Justice strand of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness.

Stefany Zelaya - Project Lead The Way Biomedical Science Program


Stefany Zelaya pursues a career in the medical field. She's part of the Career and Technology Education program at Franklin High School in Baltimore County, where CTE is Empowering the Workforce of the Future.

Theo Jack-Monroe - Interactive Media Production

Theo Jack-Monroe, a senior at the Applications and Research Laboratory in Howard County, talks about his animation class in the Interactive Media Production program. It is one of many courses offered in Career and Technology Education.

Allison Fleming - Cybersecurity Essentials


Allison Fleming has always loved computers. The senior at Howard County's Applications and Research Laboratory has taken full advantage of her classes in Cybersecurity Essentials as Career and Technology Education Empowers the Workforce of the Future.

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