CTE Student Profile: Luke M.

At the 2017 National Leadership Conference and Competition held in Anaheim, CA., Luke competed and one first place for Mobile Application Development.

How does your CTE Program prepare you for college and careers?

The primary way that the FBLA program prepares me to enter either college or a career is through some of the useful advice I received at the conferences by guest speakers.  In general the conference opportunities allow me to showcase all of my technical and professional skills and challenge me to improve those skills.

What academic subjects are important to your success in your CTE Program?

The problem solving skills I use in all my math classes are important to mobile application development, as well as effective decision-making skills. The competitions require good communication and knowledge of information technology, so my IT classes are also important.

What is the most exciting thing you have learned or have done in your CTE program?

The most exciting thing I have done in FBLA has been attending the National Leadership Conference and Competition in Anaheim, California. It was a lot of fun to compete and apply classroom concepts in such a competitive place, and win first place. The conference's location and proximity to Disneyland also made it a lot of fun.

Explain how it is possible to fit all your classes and CTE into your schedule?

The main way I fit both academic and FBLA activities into my schedule is through hard work and using good time management practices.

What would you tell an incoming freshman about FBLA?

I would tell freshmen to consider FBLA and that they should try to attend one or two conferences to see if they are interested. FBLA isn't necessarily just for students interested in going into a career in business, is a good fit for anyone! Best of all FBLA allows you to showcase a variety of talents.