CTE Student Profile: Myan M.

How does the FBLA program prepare you to enter either college or a career?

FBLA has helped me become better at communicating with people. Before I experienced FBLA it was hard for me to make new friends and talk amongst a group of people. With the help of FBLA I have become much more confident which will help me in my college career and furthering me in my life. Also being an FBLA officer came with a lot more responsibilities, so with those I have become much better at time management because I have more to do in the same amount of time.

What academic subjects are important to your success in FBLA?

Most people think because business is a part of FBLA’s title that only business classes are important though depending on what you want to do any class can be important to your success. Math is important because I am interested in the subject and it has a lot to do with business.

How do your FBLA courses and activities differ from your traditional high school courses and activities? Do you apply the theory you learned in your high school math and science courses?

FBLA offers a much wider variety of studies than high school classes do. With most of the courses you are able to use stuff that was taught in math classes. There are fewer science courses in FBLA though I was able to use science in one of the courses I took in FBLA.

What is the most exciting thing you have learned or have done in your CTE program?

The most exciting thing I have done was going to state and national level conferences. There are so many learning and networking opportunities. I’ve also learned that many famous people have been a part of FBLA.

How did you fit both your academic and FBLA courses into your schedule?

Using time management, I knew what I had to do, so I put it into my schedule.

What would you tell incoming freshman about FBLA?

I would tell them they should jump at the opportunity at being a part of FBLA because there is so much to be learned and many amazing opportunities to be had.