Regina - Academy of Health Professions

Why did you choose this CTE Program of Study? 
As a freshman at the Center of Applied Technology (CAT) North, I wasn’t sure what program I wanted to complete.  I was leaning towards the culinary program until my experience with the Academy of Health Professions.  It was the knowledge and skills I learned during the program which allowed me to realize I wanted to be in the health field.  Attending the Academy of Health Professions enabled me to explore in greater detail the health field and confirm my desire. 
How did your CTE Program prepare you for college and career?
The education I received at CAT-North was invaluable to my next steps of becoming a nurse. I learned many things about the human body that will be useful when I begin upper level nursing courses, and I already know a lot of the material. I also was able to go to local nursing homes and assisted living facilities practicing the skills I learned while I was in high school. The lessons I have learned go beyond what can be learned in a textbook. These skills, including compassion, empathy, and dedication will stick with me as I embark on the journey of becoming a registered nurse. 

What Academic subjects were important to your success in your CTE program?
Science and math courses were definitely emphasized in this program.  There was a big focus on the anatomy and physiology of the human body. Math is also very important in all health fields. Being able to take blood pressure, record height and weight, and perform dosage calculations are all major skills needed to be successful. 
Describe any teachers or relationships that supported you?
Every teacher I have ever encountered at CAT-North has made a positive impact on me and brought me closer to becoming the best health care provider I could be. They pushed me to do my best and wouldn't take anything less than what they knew I could do. They are my lifetime supporters, and they truly want to see the best in all their students. 

What are you currently doing since graduating high school?
I currently attend Stevenson University in Owings Mills, and I am enrolled in their Bachelors of Science in Nursing. I also have a part time job at Baltimore Washington Medical Center strengthening my skills while encountering patients.
Did you earn any college credit or industry recognized credentials while in high school? If yes, what?
I earned three proficiency credits through Anne Arundel Community college. In order to obtain these credits, I had to pass a test confirming my proficiency in medical terminology. I also received my CPR, First Aid, Certified Nursing Assistant, and my certified Geriatric Nursing Assistant licenses.  My nursing assistant licenses have allowed me to pursue a career in the health field before receiving my degree and allowed me a glimpse inside of the health care setting. 
What would you tell an incoming freshman or a middle school student about CTE?
If you have any interest in any of the programs, sign up!  Even if you decide down the road it is not what you want to do, it is better to participate in a program in high school than sign up for a costly course somewhere else and decide it is not for you. These programs look great on resumes, and you will have a head start compared to all your peers. It is a fun, untraditional way to learn that you will not regret!