Taylor - Academy of Health Professions

Why did you choose this CTE Program of Study?

I chose this CTE Program because I was very interested in the topics, and I wanted to become a Registered Nurse.

How did your CTE Program prepare you for college and career?
This program immensely prepared me for my career. It gave me experience in the field I wanted to study. An abundance of the topics I am learning in college were taught to me while in this program.

What Academic subjects were important to your success in your CTE program? 
Sciences, such as chemistry and biology were important to my success, as well as mathematics.

Describe any teachers or relationships that supported you?
All of the instructors supported me throughout the program. They answered my questions and assisted me when I was unsure of tasks that I was performing for the first time.

What are you currently doing since graduating high school?
I am currently a full-time student at Stevenson University, and I was accepted into the School of Nursing. I also work part-time at The University of Maryland Baltimore Washington Medical Center (UMBWMC) as a Patient Care Technician (PCT) on a surgical telemetry floor.

Did you earn any college credit or industry recognized credentials while in high school? If yes, what?
I earned three medical terminology credits towards Anne Arundel County Community College (AACC). Though I do not attend that school, the terminology I learned has helped greatly in the work force as well as in the classroom. I also earned my Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) and my Geriatric Nursing Assistant (GNA) certifications through this program.

What would you tell an incoming freshman or a middle school student about CTE? 
My advice to an incoming freshman would include working hard. If students think CTE is something they would be interested in and successful at, then they should apply. Hands-on experience will determine if the program is right for them. It will consist of hard work and studying, but it will pay off in the end. Also, ask questions! Nobody learns without asking questions.